Townline Road Residence



Townline Road Residence is  an 8 bed Transitional Unit with the

primary purpose of teaching independent living skills for future

success in apartment living.


 *Consumers receive training in housekeeping,

meal preparation,shopping,budgeting,grooming

self-monitoring of medications and medical needs.


*Consumers receive 24 hour supervision


*Consumers living in the transitional Unit

May be employed either at a sheltered

workshop,in the community or attending

high school(must be 18 years of age)




LEF strives for the least restrictive environment and allows the

resident to cultivate individual behaviors,experiences and

characteristics that are socially normal and valued.



   *Consumers are assisted with

integrating into the community

through social contacts,ie(going

out to eat at local restaurants,

the bank,post office,library or

a night at the movies)